Live Battery Stationary Abuse (Ruby/Sapphire)

Enjoy shiny 6 IV legends from Gen 3


Note: This method will work on any Pokemon generated by Method 1 in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. Keep in mind that if you're looking for an specific spread to be shiny, ID/SID abuse might be required before attempting this RNG.

Step 1: Setup VBA-RR

  1. Make sure the save mode is set correctly.
  2. Options > Emulation > Save Type > Automatic & Flash 128K
  3. Real Time Clock must be enabled in order to obtain Live Battery seeds.
  4. Options > Emulation > Real Time Clock
  5. If there are errors when loading past the title screen, such as corrupted save or dead battery message, restart VBA for the changes to take effect.

Step 2: Setup PokeFinder

  1. In PokeFinder, Choose "Gen 3 Stationary" and click the "Searcher" tab
  2. Input the spread you want and look for results.

    • If there are no results, adjust filters until there is a result that you want.
    • Make sure PokeFinder is using Method 1

Step 3: Getting your Initial Seed

The seed you got from that screen was simply the seed you must hit when you press A on encounter.

  1. To get your initial seed, right click on the seed you are using and choose "Generate times to seed".
  2. The seed will automatically be added into "16-Bit Seed To Time".

    • Make sure the year is set to 2000 as other years will not work correctly.
    • This will give you your initial seed and the date and time needed to hit your desired seed.

  1. Finding the Frame to hit

    • On the screen of PokeFinder below enter your initial seed and spread. Make sure that it is set to search "Method 1". It should look something like this:

  1. Hit "Generate" and look for results. If you don't get a result, try extending the max results to a higher number.

Step 3: Hitting the Desired Seed and Frame

  1. Open runasdate (or change your computer clock) and set the date to one listed in "16-Bit Seed To Time".
  2. If you are using runasdate set up the screen just like how it is shown below:

Note: Unlike Generations 4 and 5, only the hours and minutes matter for hitting the initial seed.
  1. Hit run and you will open VBA-RR.
  2. Load the lua script for your game.

Step 4: Finding the delay

  1. Advance to the final screen before encountering the target Pokemon making save states along the way.
  2. When you land on your target frame press A and enter the encounter.
  3. Take note of the IVs of the Pokemon you encounterd.

  1. pen a new PokeFinder and input your initial seed and the IVs of the Pokemon encountered.

- Since I hit `A` on Frame 89016 that means 54 Frames went by between my last input (hitting `A`) and the IVs and PID being generated.
- Therefore, to hit my 31/2/31/31/31/31 Modest spread, I must hit frame 180124.
- Target Frame = Desired Frame - Delay

Step 5: Advancing frames

  1. Advance frames paying attention to the frame count so you don't miss your target frame.
  2. Advance until you reach your new target frame, pause the emulator again and hold the A button.
  3. Unpause the emulator and hit your shiny frame!
  4. If you did everything right, you should be able to hit your desired spread on your Pokemon. If not, calculate how many frames you are off, reload a previous save state, adjust accordingly, and try again.

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